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Palomas ... drink perfection

A Paloma is a traditional Mexican drink, often times made with grapefruit soda. Cinco de Mayo is popular in that folks revel in any event that allows them to enjoy libations. The celebration exists because of a war victory ... which led to Mexico, well, remaining Mexico & the U.S. supported that endeavor. Of course this is a very simplified version of history, look it up for yourself! Mexican Immigrants celebrate the holiday to promote pride in their heritage. We don't have the plethora of unique fruit sodas that Mexico has (readily available) and I'm a self-proclaimed fresh fruit snob so I enjoy my Palomas with fresh grapefruit & lime! I love good tequila, reposado especially. This drink can also have added sugar (Agave sweetener or simple syrup) but I enjoy it without the sweet! I do, on occasion, add a little sugar to the rim! Add club soda for a spritzer effect. Enjoy!

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